Mrs. Rahaim

Ms. Trump and Ms. Rahaim

Sarah and Raechel

Welcome to Room 103 with
Ms. Rahaim, Ms. Trump, Ms. Gordon and Ms. Belloli

I am Susan Rahaim, and I am thrilled to be starting my 19th year as a Kindergarten teacher in Wayland. This is my third year at Claypit Hill School. Until I helped pilot the full-day Kindergarten program at Loker School six years ago, I served at Loker as a traditional day Kindergarten teacher in the mornings and a Special Needs teacher in the afternoons.  Before coming to Wayland, I taught for many years (at various times) as a Kindergarten teacher, a First Grade teacher and a Special Needs teacher in Natick, Brookline and Damariscotta, Maine.   When I am not teaching, I like spending time with my husband and three grown daughters. 

I am fortunate to have taught together with Kristin Trump for all of the years I have been in Wayland.  Before coming to Claypit Hill with me, she had been a Kindergarten Teaching Assistant and BASE teacher at Loker School for over 23 years. 

We also welcome Sarah Gordon and Raechel Belloli to our team this year.  Sarah is starting her fourth year as a teaching assistant at Claypit Hill School.  During that time she has been an integral part of first and second grade classrooms.  Raechel is a recent college graduate where she concentrated on Early Childhood Education. Her teaching experience has been in kindergarten and first grade classrooms.

For us, teaching Kindergarten is the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!! Each year we are amazed to watch the growth of the five-and-six-year-olds in our classroom.  They enter kindergarten with so many different interests, strengths, learning styles and levels of performance.  We see it as our job to support the learning of each individual so that they can each learn what they need to learn – with joy and pride in their accomplishments.

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